How to contribute

Once you download the source code, review the manual and get familiar with the structure of the project you probably modify the code for your application. The changes of WebGL Earth project can be interesting for other developers - so please consider sharing the code and contributing back to this open-source project. It also means that your code will be maintained for the future and combined with new features developed by others!

Before you start to work on a new feature for WebGL Earth it is always good to post a note to the WebGL Earth Developer Group or discuss your intentions on IRC (online or with your client at irc:// to be sure the problem you are going to 
solve is not already solved and to discuss with others the technical way how you want to modify WebGL Earth project.

Coding Style

The WebGL Earth is using Google Closure compiler and library. The JavaScript source code must be compilable in the ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATION mode. It means the programmers should:
Please, always try to create as nice and readable code as possible!

Submitting Code

The best way how to submit a code to the WebGL Earth project is to fork our repository at GitHub:

Then prepare a new branch with a new feature and post a pull request. We will review your code and commit it into the official WebGL Earth code base. Alternatively you can also attach a patch into our issue tracker, if your prefer this way of code submission.

We are looking forward to your contribution!


Before your code become an official part of WebGL Earth project there is one more step necessary. We need your confirmation of the contribution in a paper form. This procedure is known also from other projects such as OpenLayers or Apache foundation projects and it is quite easy. You just need to print and sign a copy of the relevant Contributor License Agreement (individual vs company) and send a scan to us via email or post.

This document is necessary to protect the WebGL Earth project and to keep the rights to maintain the code on a single entity. If contributors would not sign this document, in case of potential copyright disputes or any other problems the cases would need to be resolved by all individuals who contributed and that is technically very problematic.

The GPL license guarantee that the project is always going to be available as open-source and as free software.