We need to hear from you! Please donate a bit of your time and support improvement of this project.
The future of this open-source project is in your hands!


New features wanted?  Please donate to support the developers and suggest or vote for the new ideas via our Feedback forum.

You can also donate for development of a particular feature - just write a note to the PayPal payment. At the moment there is a need for:
  • Tilt of the camera
  • Displaying 3D terrain (mountains and hills)
  • Displaying markers (KML)
  • Your own idea?
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We are seeking sponsors to support development of new features.
We offer also customization and application of this technology to our clients. We can participate with you on research grants.
Please contact Klokan Technologies in case of interest.


Feel free to modify the WebGL Earth source code and you are very welcome to contribute to the project. Just add the new feature you need or fix an annoying bug yourself!

Check the:
You can also very easily embed WebGL Earth in your own website with the help of:
If you want to report a problem or submit a patch please use the:
It is a good idea to join our mailing-list. Study the documentation and start to play with the source-code of WebGL Earth project - and just create with WebGL Earth whatever comes to you mind :-).
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